Icon For Liver Function Assess liver damage and your risk from liver disease

Liver Function Home Test Kit

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Assess liver damage and your risk from liver disease with a fingerprick blood home test kit.

Results delivered online, typically within 24 hours. Get rapid reassurance from an accredited clinical laboratory.

Discreet & convenient home testing. Confidentiality & privacy is guaranteed.

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This Liver Function Test Includes:

Icon For Liver Function Assess liver damage and your risk from liver disease
  • Gentle Fingerprick Blood Testing Kit
  • FREE Post & Packaging
  • Results Usually Within 24 Hours
  • Accredited Laboratory Testing By Clinical Professionals
  • Personalised Report With Detailed Guidance In Your Online Dashboard
  • The Same Accuracy & Quality As Your G.P. Or Hospital

This Test Accurately Measures These Biomarkers:

  • Your results are charted and clearly compared against normal ranges.
  • Your report is personalised and each result and any abnormal findings are detailed in plain English.
  • Subscribe for discounted testing & measure your biomarkers over time.

How Liver Function Testing Works: It's Simple

blood tests are fingerprick blood Liver Function test as little as 24 hours

Our Liver Function home blood test kit checks multiple markers to measure normal liver function and to detect the presence of liver disease and other liver disorders. 

The liver plays a complex role in the body including the metabolism of drugs and toxic substances, management of blood sugar levels, vitamin storage and maintaining hormonal balance.

Fortunately, the liver has an incredible capacity to regenerate, and can respond well to healthy lifestyle changes.

Assess liver damage and your risk from liver disease using a home fingerprick blood test kit.

You get the convenience of home testing with the reassurance of professional clinical analysis. Your results are delivered quickly & securely online.

This Liver Function Test is advised if you:

  • are anorexic or bulimic or suffer from another eating disorder;
  • are taking medications that cause toxic liver disease, which includes too much paracetamol, ibuprofen & aspirin;
  • drink alcohol regularly or are a binge drinker;
  • have family history of liver disease;
  • have had gallstones;
  • have had gastrointestinal disease (e.g. IBS);
  • take performance enhancing drugs, including steroids and creatine;
  • want the convenience of home testing without waiting for a GP appointment;
  • need a high quality, clinically accredited test done in a professional clinical laboratory.

Using a Gentle Fingerprick Blood Sample, This Liver Function Test Measures:

Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT) is an enzyme mainly found in your liver. ALT is used by your body to break down food into energy, with levels in the blood normally low.

Following liver damage, the levels of ALT in your blood will rise making it a useful means to indicate liver problems.

Fluctuation of ALT levels is normal over the course of the day, and can also increase in response to strenuous physical exercise.

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Albumin (ALB) is a protein produced by the liver and is the most abundant protein in the blood.

It transports components throughout the body, nourishes tissues & prevents blood vessel leakage.

Albumin is highly sensitive to liver damage so lower levels can indicate when the liver is damaged.

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Alkaline phosphatase is an enzyme found in the human body in the kidneys, liver, bones and digestive system.

High levels of ALP typically result from liver damage or if you have increased bone cell activity.

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Bilirubin is a natural waste product formed by the breakdown of the haemoglobin in your red blood cells. The liver then processes bilirubin before its removal from your body.

High levels of bilirubin in the blood can lead to yellowing of the skin (jaundice) and can indicate that liver damage is present.

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The enzyme Gamma-Glutamyl Transferase (GGT) is found throughout the body, but it is most concentrated in your liver.

This makes a GGT blood test very useful helping to assess liver function and general health.

GGT levels are usually low, but can rise following liver damage. A GGT test is also particularly sensitive to detecting bile duct problems.

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Globulins are a group term for proteins that make up nearly half of the total protein in your blood.  Globulins have a critical role in normal liver function, fighting infection and blood clotting.

Globulins are created by the immune system and the liver. The amount of globulins in your blood helps indicate many conditions such as liver damage, kidney diseases, autoimmune conditions or nutritional problems.

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Proteins are absorbed from foods and are vital parts of all cells and tissues. They are used to build muscles, skin, blood, bones and cartilage as well as making enzymes, hormones and other essential chemicals.

The total protein test measures the blood levels of two different classes of proteins; albumin and globulin.

Abnormal levels can result from liver or kidney disorders.

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