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Looking at your whole body as a system is the best way to understand and improve your health. We focus on lifestyle risks and biomarkers that you can control.

The levels of specific fats - good & bad cholesterol and triglycerides - in your blood are evaluated, to gauge your risk of heart disease and stroke.

We also analyse a complete profile of your liver function, as poor liver health puts you at risk from heart disease, low energy and weight gain.

Your blood is vital at delivering nutrients and oxygen to your muscles so we measure your general blood health, immunity status and haemoglobin levels. Crucially we also measure your glycaemic control - how well your body is managing blood sugar levels and your risk from diabetes.

Essential vitamins and minerals are analysed, to evaluate your general energy levels and ensure your body is functioning correctly. Finally we also measure the level of inflammation in your body to highlight any undue stress here.

Complete Health Tracker is finger-prick blood Complete Health Check under 24 hours

The Complete Health Test Kit Includes Blood Tests For:

Cholesterol home test biomarkers icon

Cholesterol Test

Six tests included to measure blood fats and assess your risk from heart disease

Diabetes (HbA1c) home test biomarkers icon

Diabetes (HbA1c) Test

Two tests included to assess average blood sugar levels & risk from Type 2 diabetes

Full Blood Count (FBC) home test biomarkers icon

Full Blood Count (FBC) Test

Seventeen tests included to measure your general blood and immune health and ability to fight viral & bacterial infections

Cardiovascular Risk (hs-CRP) home test biomarkers icon

Cardiovascular Risk (hs-CRP) Test

Assess your risk from heart disease or indicate exercise over-training

Liver Function home test biomarkers icon

Liver Function Test

Seven tests included to assess liver damage and your risk from liver disease

Vitamins & Minerals Complete home test biomarkers icon

Vitamins & Minerals Complete Test

Seven tests included to fully identify & optimise nutritional deficiencies

How You'll Receive Your Test Results

Your Complete Health blood test results will be delivered quickly and securely to you in your personal online dashboard.
  • Each result is charted and clearly highlighted against normal ranges.
  • Any abnormal findings and possible reasons for this are fully detailed.
  • Receive an easy to understand overview of your health, fast.
  • Track your results over time to monitor lifestyle changes, treatments and behaviours.
  • Save up to 25% on repeat testing by subscribing when you checkout.

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Your finger-prick blood sample is analysed by a UKAS accredited (ISO 15189) laboratory for professional analysis by health practitioners.

These labs are also trusted by NHS hospitals, private clinics & general practitioners.

All tests are CE marked and processes meet & exceed NIHR GCP standards. Quality is guaranteed.

For the ultimate convenience buy a Complete Health finger-prick blood test kit and collect your sample in your own home.

We also offer a Patient Reception in central London, giving you the reassurance of professional complete health sample collection by experienced staff, in a comfortable & caring environment.

You can also select a home visit within the M25 area. An experienced nurse will visit your home, office or hotel to collect your sample for you.

Please select these options when you checkout.

You can take your Complete Health test at home by carrying out the simple finger-prick blood sampling method.

Your blood sample can then be returned to the laboratory in a pre-paid envelope for analysis.

Find out more about the Vitall range of at-home health tests and get accurate results delivered online.

Get complete health home test results delivered securely online, typically within 24 hours.

While we don't guarantee this, as analysis of biological samples is complex and can be variable, results are returned in this timeframe in most cases.

Get rapid reassurance and take control of your complete health health.

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Expert Blood Test Analysis in an Accredited Laboratory

Expert Complete Health Blood Test Analysis

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