Cholesterol Test

Measure blood fats and assess your risk from heart disease with a home test kit

Icon For Cholesterol Measure blood fats and assess your risk from heart disease

Measure blood fats and assess your risk from heart disease with our home blood test kit.

You get the convenience of home testing with the reassurance of professional clinical analysis. Your results are delivered quickly & securely online.

The Cholesterol test measures these biomarkers:

  • Cholesterol
  • HDL 'Good' Cholesterol
  • LDL 'Bad' Cholesterol
  • Triglycerides

Our cholesterol home blood test kit checks the levels of specific fats in your blood including triglycerides and 'Good' and 'Bad' cholesterol.

High levels of cholesterol significantly increase the risk from heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.

Assessing your cholesterol levels allows you to make targeted healthy lifestyle choices to reduce your risk from cardiovascular diseases.

How it Works: It's Simple

blood tests are Cholesterol test as little as 24 hours
Icon For Cholesterol Measure blood fats and assess your risk from heart disease

Cholesterol Testing Includes:

  • Easy Finger Prick Testing Kit
  • FREE Post & Packaging
  • Results Usually Within 24 Hours
  • Accredited Laboratory Testing By Clinical Professionals
  • Personalised Report With Detailed Guidance In Your Online Dashboard
  • The Same Accuracy & Quality As Your G.P. Or Hospital

This Cholesterol Test is advised if you:

  • are overweight or obese (have a high BMI);
  • are, or have been, a smoker;
  • don't do much exercise or lead a sedentary lifestyle;
  • drink alcohol regularly or are a binge drinker;
  • have an underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism) ;
  • have diabetes, or impaired glucose tolerance;
  • have family history of heart disease;
  • have immediate family who have had a heart attack, stroke or heart bypass surgery;
  • have kidney disease;
  • have polycystic ovary syndrome;
  • want the convenience of home testing without waiting for a GP appointment;
  • need a high quality, clinically accredited test done in a professional clinical laboratory.

This Cholesterol Test Measures:

Cholesterol is a fatty substance known as a lipid and is vital for the normal functioning of the body. It's mainly made by the liver, but can also be found in some foods.

Having a high cholesterol level, associated with a high amount of fats in your blood (hyperlipidaemia) can be detrimental to your health. There is evidence that high cholesterol increases your risk of dying of cardiovascular diseases, such as heart disease and strokes.

Good Cholesterol (HDL - high-density lipoprotein) benefits your health so higher levels are better.

Studies show that Good Cholesterol plays a role removing Bad Cholesterol (LDL) from your arteries. So high levels of Good Cholesterol may protect against heart attack and stroke.

Conversely low levels of Good Cholesterol are linked with an increased risk of heart disease.

Bad Cholesterol (LDL - low-density lipoprotein) is detrimental to your health.

High levels of Bad Cholesterol contribute to fatty build-ups in arteries (atherosclerosis).

These plaques narrow arteries and raise the risk for heart attack, stroke and peripheral artery disease.

Triglycerides are a form of dietary fat found in meats, dairy produce and cooking oils.

Unlike cholesterol, it is not certain whether triglycerides contribute to the risk of cardiovascular disease or whether underlying conditions such as diabetes or obesity are the problem.

However, there is evidence to suggest that this is the case so it is generally recommended to keep your blood levels low - especially if you are already at risk of cardiovascular disease.

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Also known as a lipid profile, our cholesterol test checks measure the levels of specific fats in your blood including triglycerides and 'Good' and 'Bad' cholesterol.

Although fats are essential to a healthy life, too much in our diets leads to increased levels in the blood. This significantly increases the risk of heart and cardiovascular disease.

Fortunately, these risks can be markedly reduced through improved diet and an exercise.

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