Icon For Anaemia Assess your blood cells, iron levels & B vitamins

Anaemia Home Test Kit

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"All testing is conducted by healthcare professionals in a medically-led laboratory. Accredited lab testing is the best way to be confident that your test results are accurate. Get tested now for complete reassurance."

Assess your blood cells, iron levels & B vitamins with a fingerprick blood home test kit.

Results delivered online, typically within 48 hours. Get rapid reassurance from an accredited clinical laboratory.

Discreet & convenient home testing. Confidentiality & privacy is guaranteed.

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This Anaemia Test Includes:

Icon For Anaemia Assess your blood cells, iron levels & B vitamins
  • Gentle Fingerprick Blood Testing Kit
  • FREE Post & Packaging
  • Results Usually Within 48 Hours
  • Accredited Laboratory Testing By Clinical Professionals
  • Personalised Report With Detailed Guidance In Your Online Dashboard
  • The Same Accuracy & Quality As Your G.P. Or Hospital

This Test Accurately Measures These Biomarkers:

  • Your results are charted and clearly compared against normal ranges.
  • Your report is personalised and each result and any abnormal findings are detailed in plain English.
  • Subscribe for discounted testing & measure your biomarkers over time.

How Anaemia Testing Works: It's Simple

blood tests are fingerprick blood Anaemia test as little as 48 hours

Our Anaemia home blood test kit checks your blood's ability to transport oxygen and measures your iron levels and essential B vitamins.

Anaemia is a fairly common condition that can affect anyone of any age or sex and causes inadequate oxygen supply to many parts of the body.

As one of the main causes is iron and B vitamin deficiencies, it can often be resolved through diet and supplementation.

Assess your blood cells, iron levels & B vitamins using a home fingerprick blood test kit.

You get the convenience of home testing with the reassurance of professional clinical analysis. Your results are delivered quickly & securely online.

This Anaemia Test is advised if you:

  • are female and still menstruating ;
  • have skin paler than normal;
  • suffer from chronic fatigue & tiredness;
  • wish to assess whether you are suffering from anaemia;
  • want the convenience of home testing without waiting for a GP appointment;
  • need a high quality, clinically accredited test done in a professional clinical laboratory.

Excellent service! Very quick results and really clear report would definitely recommend Vitall

Andreu - London

Less hassle than going to the doctor Results were ready online in a few days, I got email updates all along and customer support was really helpful.

Claire - Plymouth

Using a Gentle Fingerprick Blood Sample, This Anaemia Test Measures:

Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) reveals the inflammatory activity in your body.

This test helps gauge unexplained fever, certain types of arthritis and symptoms that affect your muscles.

ESR is non-specific to a particular condition so is used to indicate the overall level of your body’s inflammatory response. Note that you can still have an underlying problem even with a  normal result.

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Ferritin is a blood protein that is high in iron, making it a very good indicator of the overall amount of iron stored in the body.

Iron is crucial for the production of healthy red blood cells, and deficiencies may eventually lead to iron deficiency anaemia.

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White blood cells, red blood cells, platelets and plasma are the main components of your blood, responsible for carrying nutrients, oxygen and immunity throughout your body.

White blood cells help maintain a healthy immune system, while red blood cells carry oxygen and distribute it to your tissues.

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The Red Cell Folate test measure Vitamin B9 (also known as Folate) contained in your red blood cells.

Folate is an essential B vitamin. It helps utilise amino acids which are the building blocks of proteins, in order to form blood cells, tissue and aid cellular repair.

Vitamin B9 must be consumed regularly in the diet - typically from green vegetables and fruits. All pregnant women need increased amounts of folate for proper fetal development.


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Iron is needed to produce red blood cells in the body. Iron is absorbed from foods or from supplements.

Total iron-binding capacity measures whether there’s too much or too little iron in your bloodstream.

If it is too low it may eventually lead to iron deficiency anaemia, and too high levels can be toxic.

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Vitamin B12 is an important vitamin for many bodily functions, such as brain health, blood cell production, and proper nerve function.

Vitamin B12 is absorbed through foods such as meat, fish and eggs with several years worth stored in the liver, so deficiencies are uncommon in non-vegans.

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