Frequently Asked Questions About STI Testing

Here are some questions we often get about our sexual health testing services.

If you need anything else answered please contact us here.

  • How Accurate Are STI Test Kits?

    We guarantee the highest clinical quality & sensitivity STI testing available.

    Your tests are analysed in UKAS accredited, CPA approved and ISO certified laboratories.

    This is the highest level of clinical accreditation in the UK. We achieve the same level of quality as trusted by NHS hospitals, private clinics & general practitioners.

    We work exclusively with the largest independent provider of clinical laboratory diagnostics in the UK. By utilising over 30 years of testing experience we deliver maximum reassurance for critical health tests.

  • What Medical Professionals Are Involved With My STI Test?

    All STI testing is conducted entirely by trained biomedical scientists and other healthcare professionals. As a medically-led laboratory, a team of up to 16 consultant doctors are responsible for laboratory clinical governance.

    Once test analysis has been completed to our high standards, your results are processed and a personalised report created.

    Your report clearly explains your test results and can include comparison against normal (reference) ranges, current NHS & NICE guidelines, general health guidance and recommended actions for follow up.

    In the event of positive sexual health results, we partner with HealthExpress, the UK's premier online clinic & registered pharmacy. A GMC registered team UK doctors can review your details and prescribe safe treatment. We will also connect you with specialist sexual health advisors.

    And of course, as our results are professional quality, your GP can also find them directly actionable.

  • Who is a Home STI Test Suitable For?

    Our home test kits are for those who want the convenience of home testing with the reassurance of professional clinical laboratory analysis.

    Home STI Checks are advised if you have:

    • had unprotected sexual intercourse.
    • have a partner who has been diagnosed with an STI.
    • have entered a new sexual relationship with someone.
    • are experiencing symptoms that indicate the presence of an STI.

    However, as many STIs express no symptoms it’s important to get tested if you are at risk.

  • How Does A STI Home Test Work?

    Taking an STI test from home is an affordable alternative to visiting a doctor or a private clinic.

    There’s no need to make an appointment or take time off work.

    1. We send a discreetly packaged STI test kit to your home.
    2. It includes everything you need to easily collect a sample with clear instructions.
    3. Simply post your sample(s) to our laboratory in the prepaid envelope included.
    4. Your STI tests are analysed by professional medical practitioners in the UK's largest independent accredited clinical laboratory.
    5. We’ll email when your results are available and they can be reviewed securely online.
  • When Will My STI Test Kit Arrive?

    If you order your test by 2 pm Monday to Saturday, we will post your test kit to you free of charge the same day. Test kits are posted by first class and normally arrive in one or two working days.

    You can also select next day shipping at an additional charge for guaranteed next day delivery.

  • How Long Until I Get My STI Test Results Online?

    After the laboratory receives your samples they’re immediately booked in and we’ll notify you of their arrival.

    STI blood tests such as HIV and Hepatitis are high priority samples and results will usually be available within 24 hours, often much sooner.

    Other tests such as Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea undergo a longer analytical process and can take up to 48 hours for analysis to complete.

    Please note we always aim to deliver results quickly and efficiently. Occasionally results may take a little longer due to the complex nature of biological sample analysis.

  • What Happens If My STI Check Is Positive?

    Firstly, please don’t panic. Most conditions can be treated simply and effectively with medication. We’ll provide you with the details of our Pharmacist partners who can issue a prescription for the medication you need or you can take the results to your GP.

    If you test positive for HIV then a second test is required for confirmation. This helps decide where to be referred to for treatment and additional support. We recommend discussing with the HIV specialists at the fantastic Terrence Higgins Trust and/or making an appointment at your nearest GUM clinic.

  • How Should I Collect and Return My Sample?

    We include clear instructions on how to take your sample with every STI home test kit.

    Collect your sample on a Monday to Thursday, before 9 a.m.

    Then post on the same day in the prepaid mailbag included.

    These requirements ensure the laboratory receive & process the freshest sample possible.

  • How is My Privacy Protected When I Take A STI Test Online?

    We guarantee complete discretion, we won't disclose your results to your GP, employer or insurers under any circumstances.

    Your data security is hugely important to us. We take strict measures to ensure result integrity with the minimum of data sharing. We only share the essential details need to conduct testing with our laboratory provider.

    We don't believe in selling your data, individually or in aggregate. And you can request to wipe your account data at any time.

    All samples are disposed of following analysis.

    You can review our privacy policy here.

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