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How Will I Understand My Test Results?

There are many things you can check for when health testing, and these results can give major insights into your body's health and function.

Taking a Vitall health test gives you unprecedented access to a level of detail previously only accessible to GPs.

But results are meaningless if you can't understand them!



When we developed our testing platform we realised that providing a test value alone like some labs do is simply not enough.

Where relevant we'll always show what is normal for people of your sex and age, and where your result falls within that range.  

Additionally, results often don't exist in isolation, and may need to be considered alongside other tests taken at the same time.

For out-of range, or abnormal results, it's really important to know what this may mean for your health, as well as any recommended follow up actions.

We combine all of this into a personalised report just for you, and our proprietary health system is as detailed and clear as possible. 

You can checkout a demo test report right here.

If you need any other details about your test results, please contact us.

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Last Updated 19th September 2020

By Dr. Kate Bishop

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Expert Blood Test Analysis in an Accredited Laboratory

Expert Blood Test Analysis

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