Urea (BUN) Testing

How to check your Urea levels with a home fingerprick blood test kit

What Is An Urea Test For?

An Urea test is also known as a Blood Urea Nitrogen test.

The Urea (BUN) Test allows you to accurately check your levels of Urea in a fingerprick blood sample.

Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) is a waste product naturally produced in your body.

Proteins eaten in your diet are processed by the liver and during this process blood urea nitrogen is released into the blood.

The BUN is passed to your kidneys and then healthy kidneys flush it from the body in urine.

As such, abnormal levels may indicate an issue with your kidney function.

What If Urea Test Levels Are High?

What If Urea Test Levels Are High?

High urea levels suggest poor kidney function, which can often be due to acute or chronic kidney disease.

However, many other conditions can affect urea levels including dehydration, urine flow obstruction or diseases which reduce blood flow to the kidneys.

Consultation with a medical practitioner is advised and further blood tests may be required.

What If Urea Test Levels Are Low?

What If Urea Test Levels Are Low?

Low urea levels are uncommon and often reflect a diet low protein diet or small body type. This is not usually a cause for concern.

They can be seen in severe liver disease or malnutrition but are not used to diagnose or monitor these conditions. Low urea levels are also seen in normal pregnancy.


How To Test Urea?

Health testing for Urea levels in your blood

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