Sodium (Na) Testing

How to check your Sodium levels with a home fingerprick blood test kit

What Is A Sodium Test For?

The Sodium (Na) Test allows you to accurately check your levels of Sodium in a fingerprick blood sample.

Sodium is essential to normal bodily function, playing a critical role in the maintenance of normal blood pressure. Sodium also helps regulate your body's fluid balance and aids in nerve and muscle communication.

Sodium levels in the blood, as well as all body water, are regulated by the kidneys ideally within a very narrow concentration range.

Abnormal blood sodium is usually due to an issue with hormone production or thirst and results in too little (dehydration) or too much (edema) body water content.

What If Sodium Test Levels Are High?

What If Sodium Test Levels Are High?

High blood sodium levels are usually caused by dehydration but can be caused by medical conditions such as Cushing syndrome.

How To Test Sodium?

Health testing for Sodium levels in your blood

You can check your Sodium levels by buying a home fingerprick blood test kit from just £49 using the following test kit:

Other Biomarkers Often Tested With Sodium

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