Potassium (K) Testing

How to check your Potassium levels with a home fingerprick blood test kit

What Is A Potassium Test For?

The Potassium (K) Test allows you to accurately check your levels of Potassium in a fingerprick blood sample.

A potassium test accurately measures the level of potassium in your blood. Although potassium is present in all bodily fluids, the majority is contained within the cells of your body. The amount released into the serum portion of your blood is usually closely controlled, mainly by the aldosterone hormone. However, many conditions can lead to serum concentration being too low or too high.

Potassium plays an important role in nerve signalling and muscle communication.  It also assists in the transfer of nutrients into cells and the removal of waste products in the kidneys.

What If Potassium Test Levels Are High?

What If Potassium Test Levels Are High?

A raised blood potassium concentration is known as hyperkalaemia.

There are many conditions that can cause this, the most common is kidney disease or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, or other conditions such as diabetes and addison’s disease. Further blood testing and clinical investigation is required.

Potassium can also be elevated if the specimen receipt is delayed and a repeat test is recommended.

How To Test Potassium?

Health testing for Potassium levels in your blood

You can check your Potassium levels by buying a home fingerprick blood test kit from just £49 using the following test kit:

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