'Bad' Cholesterol (LDL) Testing

How to check your 'Bad' Cholesterol levels with a home fingerprick blood test kit

What Is A 'Bad' Cholesterol Test For?

A 'Bad' Cholesterol test is also known as a Low-density Lipoprotein test.

The 'Bad' Cholesterol (LDL) Test allows you to accurately check your levels of 'Bad' Cholesterol in a fingerprick blood sample.

Bad Cholesterol (LDL) is detrimental to your health.

High levels of Bad Cholesterol contribute to fatty build-ups in arteries (atherosclerosis).

These plaques narrow arteries and raise the risk for heart attack, stroke and peripheral artery disease.

What If 'Bad' Cholesterol Test Levels Are High?

What If 'Bad' Cholesterol Test Levels Are High?

High levels of LDL Cholesterol increase your risk of developing cardiovascular disease. If your cholesterol ratio is high and you have other risk factors - including obesity, family history, smoking etc - then targeting a LDL-C level of  2.0 mmol/L is usually recommended. A fall of 30% from your current level can also be seen as a significant reduction. 

If you are not considered to be at high risk of cardiovascular disease, then while there is no official target below 3.0 mmol/L is seen as desirable.

The first step in treating high LDL Cholesterol is to adopt a healthy diet. This especially means reducing saturated fat intake and increasing foods which are known to lower LDL levels. These include vegetables, oats, soya and nuts.

If dieting is not successful, your doctor may prescribe statins. These medications are well established and proven to be effective with a low rate of side effects.

How To Test 'Bad' Cholesterol?

Health testing for 'Bad' Cholesterol levels in your blood

You can check your 'Bad' Cholesterol levels by buying a home fingerprick blood test kit from just £69 using the following test kits:

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