Beating Heart For Preventive Health Home Blood Testing Service

Preventive Health Tests For All Life Goals

No matter our personal goals in life, we all want to be healthy. This should be easy. We have better science, nutrition and access to information than ever before.

But it's still confusing. How do you know when your lifestyle changes are being effective? Or even when they are having a negative impact on your health?

Go beyond simple metrics like weight and fitness tracking with personal diagnostics tests. Gain an inside view of your body and own your health.

Overall we give you the ability to measure and track your health yourself, and the knowledge you need to proactively improve it.

Select Tests Specific, sensitive and accurate blood tests designed for you

Bespoke Profiles

Target your health needs by selecting specific tests to identify risks & give actionable results.

Create a bespoke profile or select an individual test panel.

Health Profiles Specific, sensitive and accurate blood tests designed for you

Life Trackers

Health profiles are selected professional diagnostics tests created to help you meet your health goals. They help you track essential biomarkers over time and are available as a subscription.

Target key lifestyle risk factors you can measure, act and improve on.

Rapid tests from a professional laboratory

1. Home Sampling Kits

Testing from home is an affordable alternative to visiting a doctor or private clinic. No need to make an appointment or take time off work.

  • Discreetly packaged next day delivery to your home.
  • Everything you need to easily collect a sample with clear instructions.
  • Fingerprick sample only, no needles required.
  • Simply post to our laboratory in the prepaid envelope included.

We Deliver Convenience.

Improved health and wellbeing blood tests

2. Professional Clinical Testing

We work exclusively with the largest independent provider of clinical laboratory diagnostics in the UK with over 30 years experience.

We Deliver Trust & Reassurance.

Improved health and wellbeing blood tests

3. Accurate, Definitive Results

Access your personal report in your secure online dashboard at any time. No more chasing doctors for your results.

  • Receive confidential reliable results within 24 hours, notified at every step of the process.
  • Personalised explanations and evidence based recommendations ensure you fully understand your body.
  • Make positive changes, track them over time and understand what lifestyle changes are working.
  • You control the entire process and have confidence your health is being monitored & improved.

We Deliver Control.

Optimised Living

For Everyone Specific, sensitive and accurate blood tests designed for you

Depending on your personal goals we will help you achieve three things:


We all want to know that our body is functioning perfectly.

Our market leading laboratory tests are the gold standard for accurate analysis.

We Deliver Reassurance

Blood Works Health Testing Profiles Icon - Professional Blood Diagnostics Analysis From Home


When are your lifestyle choices affecting your health?

Blood tests highlight concerns & identify actionable improvements.

You Track & Improve

Health Improvements Health Testing Profiles Icon - Professional Blood Diagnostics Analysis From Home


Don't wait for symptoms if you're at risk. Test now to avoid later concerns.

We'll help you know when you need further medical attention.

You Resolve Problems Early

Health Concerns Health Testing Profiles Icon - Professional Blood Diagnostics Analysis From Home
Healthy Lifetyle Through Diet & Exercise To Improve Health Risks From Diabetes, Liver Disease, Heart Disease, Other Health Conditions
Expert Blood Test Analysis in an Accredited Laboratory

Expert Analysis

Evidence-based health checks analysed in an accredited laboratory.
Rapid home blood tests from a professional laboratory

Rapid Results

24 hour turnaround with the convenience of home sampling.
Improved health and wellbeing home blood testing

Peace of Mind

Know your body, alleviate concerns & take action with your health risks.