Health Checks For Your Life

Check your health from home with professional clinical testing.

Blood Test Result Gauge Indicator Beating Heart For Preventive Health Home Blood Testing Service

Check your health from home with professional clinical testing.

Measure and track your health using at home finger-prick blood test kits.

Our affordable blood tests help you identify health issues and achieve your fitness and well-being goals.

By making it easy and convenient, and giving clear guidance and advice, we enable you to proactively check and manage your health.

Convenient, trusted & fast reassurance to achieve your life goals.

How this Works

It's Simple

home blood tests are test as little as 24 Hours

Home Blood Tests Specific, sensitive and accurate blood tests designed for you

Bespoke Health Checks

Target your health needs by selecting specific tests to identify risks & give actionable results.

Our Focus

We target preventable diseases which cause the majority of premature deaths. The ‘big three’ healthy lifestyle risks include diabetes testing, checking cholesterol levels and liver function tests.

You can also assess hormonal issues such as thyroid function tests, fertility tests or menopause testing, determine nutritional deficiencies with vitamin and minerals tests or screen for common sexual health (STI) concerns.

We've selected appropriate tests for home sampling, so that professional analysis methods can be used on your sample.

In fact, your blood is sent to the same accredited clinical labs that the NHS use. So you can be confident that your results will be accurate and comparable with the tests you receive from your doctor.

When you fully understand your body you can adapt your lifestyle and make real changes to improve your health.

Beating Heart For Preventive Health Home Blood Testing Service

Your Health

  • Tested from home with no need to make an appointment or take time off work.
  • Discreetly packaged free delivery with everything you need for a finger-prick blood test.
  • Receive confidential reliable test results within 24 hours. No more chasing doctors for your results.
  • Personalised explanations and evidence based recommendations ensure you fully understand your body.
  • Make positive changes, track them over time and understand what healthy lifestyle measures are working.
Expert Blood Test Analysis in an Accredited Laboratory

Expert Analysis

Evidence-based health checks analysed in an accredited laboratory.
Rapid home blood tests from a professional laboratory

Rapid Results

24 hour turnaround with the convenience of home sampling.
Improved health and wellbeing home blood testing

Peace of Mind

Know your body, alleviate concerns & take action with your health risks.